Monday, February 2, 2009

Bend It Like Beckham

I was recently cruising you tube and found this really interesting BBC documentary about the making of "Bend it Like Beckham". This is one of my all time favorite movies as it shows cultural and generational expectations parents(especially mothers) have for their children(mostly daughters) and how they differ from the dreams of their kids. This is all shown in such a delightful, heartfelt, and comical way. I mean, come on, who doesn't know mothers like the ones Jules and Jes have? The writing and casting are phenomenal.It is shown in four parts here but worth a look if you have seen this movie.
I actually learned to dance to Bhangra music(love it) by watching this movie. It sure came in handy when hubby and I went to our friends' wedding a year and a half ago. Rami and Delia are Sikh and Romanian respectively and had a big Sikh Doo in Florida. It was soo much fun and similar to what was in the movie. At the reception they played alot of Bhangra music as well as some Romanian tunes. I was a big hit with all Rami's family and friends when they saw I could halfway dance to their music. I even got my non-dancing Bengali husband("Bengalis don't dance" I've been told by Sarat when the occasion demanded him to do so. He will if he has a little help from his friend Johnnie Walker)out on the floor and on video for posterity.
Where else can you see a pastey white chick in a sari, dancing at a Sikh-Romanian couple's wedding reception to Bhangra music? Only in America. It's all good!

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